Fall colors in Hope Valley. October 2015

Fall colors in Hope Valley. October 2015

Photos by Patrick and Kimberly Wilkes

Now that a blanket of white has replaced the fall color show in the Eastern Sierra, we pay tribute to another beautiful fall season with this collection of fall color photos. Enjoy this one last glimpse of fall as you scroll through the images.

Woodfords Canyon

Yellow Trees Woodfords Canyon 2015

Leaf Woodfords Canyon

Woodfords Canyon More Leaves

Woodfords Canyon Leaves 2015

Hope Valley

Hope Valley view Patrick's 3

Hope Valley Trees on 88 Patrick's

Hope Valley Trees by Little Pool

Hope Valley View

Hope Valley Red Leaf

Hope Valley View 2

Hope Valley 2 Leaves

Hope Valley Little Red Leaf

Hope Valley Patrick's Photo Trees by Luther Pass

Hope Valley Red Leaves

Hope Valley Tree Bottom

Hope Valley Patrick's Photo

Hope Valley Fall Foliage 2015

Little Walker River Road

Little Walker River Canyon Fall Color Patrick's 2

Little Walker River Leaf Patrick's

Little Walker River Fall Color Mountain View Patrick's

Little Walker River Canyon Fall Color Patrick's

Virginia Lakes

Virginia Lakes Road 2015

Blue Lake

Photographer Patrick Wilkes near Virginia Lakes

Photographer Patrick Wilkes near Virginia Lakes


McGee Creek Canyon

McGee Creek Canyon 2015

Rock Creek Canyon

Rock Creek Lake Area 3

Rock Creek Canyon

Rock Creek Canyon Close Up of Leaves

Rock Creek Lake Area

Rock Creek Lake Area 4

Rock Creek Lake Area 2

Rock Creek Road 2

Rock Creek Road

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